• Accessibility Testing with Assistiv Labs

    Published Jan 17, 2023

    At Which?, we’re taking steps to ensure that we’re confident in the accessibility of our code before deploying changes to production. Enter Assistiv Labs, which gives us access to a range of assistive technologies.

  • Want to improve your to-do list? Delete it.

    Published Aug 10, 2019

    This August, I deleted 80% of my to-do list.

  • Becoming a Tech Lead for the first time

    Published Apr 5, 2019

    I recently spent 3 months as the tech lead of a development team on GOV.UK. The was the first time I had taken on the tech lead role, so I had a lot to learn and it definitely had it's challenges. This post condenses down everything I learnt and will hopefully be a useful guide for any other new tech leads out there!

  • 3 things I learnt from developing an Amazon Alexa skill

    Published Mar 10, 2019

    At the start of 2018 I decided to work on a skill I’d been meaning to try for a long time: writing an Alexa skill. I’d heard a lot of good things around developing Alexa skills, primarily how easy and quick it is to do. However, I found my normal development practices were restricted which made the process more complicated for me.